Deceased Animals

Responsibility for the disposal of deceased wild, stray or domesticated animals changes in many cases depending on the location of the animal.

On Private Property

If an animal is decreased on a private property, it is the property owner’s responsibility to remove it. The animal can be double-bagged and placed in the trash or a private nuisance service can be used. You can contact the Northbrook Police Department at 847-664-4470 for information on local services that can assist.

For pets, a veterinarian or animal shelter can be contacted for disposal or cremation.

Important: If you find a dead bird on your property during the summer or fall where there is no other obvious cause of death other than disease, please report it to the Cook County Department of Public Health at this link for West Nile Virus evaluation.

Public Property and Streets:

Deceased wildlife on public property and streets may be reported via the Village’s GONorthbrook System or by calling the Northbrook Police Department at 847- 564-2060.