Concrete Street Reconstruction & Rehabilitation Program

Project Description

The Village of Northbrook proactively manages concrete roadways in a similar manner to asphalt streets. The condition of concrete streets is assessed on an annual basis by Public Works employees. Specifically the amount of failed and deteriorated sections of pavement on each street is inventoried. These identified sections or panels are then scheduled for replacement within our contractual concrete improvement program. This program is based on performing work geographically and by subdivision and the amount of work completed is dependent on available funding. Therefore, available funding combined with the location, number of other streets within the subdivision or neighborhood needing repair, age, and typical traffic loads are used to develop a long term plan for concrete street rehabilitation or reconstruction.

Concrete street rehabilitation commonly includes large scale panel replacement. During this process, the Village's contractor removes concrete panels and replaces them in kind. Concrete roadway reconstruction is similar to that of asphalt roadway reconstruction in that the road surface is removed to the road sub-base and new roadway is constructed. Staff anticipates replacing about 10,000 square yards of concrete.