Snow & Ice Control Services


The Public Works Department is responsible for the removal of snow and ice from approximately 125 center lane miles of roadway owned by the Village of Northbrook, parking lots and adjacent walkways (excluding train platforms) at municipal buildings and commuter parking lots. The Public Works Department also plows “arterial” public sidewalks that are used by children to get to school, commuters to get to the train station, and the public for shopping and recreational purposes. Snow and ice control operations are prioritized to first plow and salt roadways, followed by parking lots, and lastly to plow public sidewalks.

The 125 center lane miles of roadway translates into approximately 557 plow lane miles. Plow lane miles are an accurate measure of the distance that Public Works crews plow because streets require multiple passes with the snow plow to clear the full width of the road for travel. Wider arterial streets can take significantly more passes to clear.

It is the goal of the Public Works Department to maintain all roadways in a safe and passable condition for the duration of winter storms. The Village strives to have all streets cleared curb to curb and salted within 4 to 6 hours after a snowfall has ended. Parking lots, municipal facilities, and sidewalks are completed during snow and ice events as staffing levels and weather conditions allow.

Snow & Ice Question or Concerns

Public Works is who you call if:
  • Your road has not been plowed within a reasonable amount of time following a snowfall.
  • Your road remains icy and needs additional salt after completion of a plow event.
  • You have questions regarding parking restrictions during a snow plowing event.
  • Snow accumulation/piles have created a sight line problem or impedance of vehicular or pedestrian travel.
  • You have any questions regarding snow and ice control operations, call 847-272-4711.