Ambulance Billing 

Transportation Fee

Northbrook's ambulance transportation fee is $500 for residents of the Village of Northbrook and the Northbrook Rural Fire Protection District and $700 for non-residents. The transportation fee applies only when the Fire Department ambulance provides transportation to the hospital. There is no charge for emergency response without transport.

View the 2009 Ordinance Amending Ambulance Transport Fees (PDF)


Most health insurance policies, including Medicare, provide coverage for this type of service. No payment is requested or accepted at the time of service. Billing normally occurs within a few weeks of the incident. In order for us to submit a claim, the patient must provide us with their insurance carrier information.

Access the Request Form for Insurance Information for Ambulance Transport (PDF)

The Northbrook Fire Department has been a certified provider for Medicare and Medicaid since 1993. View the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Privacy Rule.