Posted on: July 12, 2017

Village Launches New Website


Welcome to the Village's new website!

This website has been designed to make getting information and submitting requests to the Village as easy as possible. Below are some of the new features you can enjoy as well as popular ones that have been retained from the old website:

New, User-Friendly Interface

The new user-friendly website interface is responsive to all devices, meaning the content of the page will automatically adjust or reformat to the native display on a viewer’s phone, tablet or desktop computer. To expedite the information-finding process, the home page includes a spotlight news and calendar feature for easy access to
notices, such as special events and alerts, timely bulletins and general reminders. Local events, senior services and news items are viewable from the landing page.

Centralized, Predictive Searching

The new website features a centralized search bar which uses a predictive search feature to give you page suggestion as you type. This means you can use search or use the megamenus to find information as you'd like.

Service Requests

A new service called GONorthbrook has been implemented to allow you to submit your questions, concerns and requests in one easy-to-use portal. With a simplified and mobile-friendly interface, the new request system makes it easy to submit a request on your desktop, tablet or cell phone. The new, enhanced request directory can be searched and contains descriptive text for each request type to minimize the time between the submission of the request and receipt by the staff member.

Know Your Neighborhood

The popular "Community Portal" feature from the previous website continues to be used on this one. Simply click any of the "Know Your Neighborhood" links and you can access the Community Portal service.

Northbrook Notify

Northbrook Residents and Businesses are encouraged to sign up their contact information, including address, phone numbers and email with Northbrook Notify to receive either Village-wide or neighborhood emergency alerts or other important information unique to your neighborhood, such as fire hydrant testing or police activity. Visit the Northbrook Notify page to sign up.

For questions or concerns

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please use the GONorthbrook service or call Village Hall at 847-664-4010.

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