Village Manager Recruitment

The Village of Northbrook's Village President and Board of Trustees is beginning the recruitment and selection process for the next Northbrook Village Manager. The current Village Manager, Rich Nahrstadt, is retiring this summer after serving the Village for more than 30 years, the last 13 as Village Manager.

The Village encouraged community members to share their thoughts and participate in the recruitment process through a Village Manager Position Profile Survey and two community forums moderated by our GovHRUSA consultants. Additional feedback can be sent to our consultants via email at

Read the Village Manager Recruitment Brochure (click image below)

Village Manager Recruitment Brochure

What does the Village Manager do?

The Village Manager is a critical leadership position in the community. While the typical tenure for a Village Manager is 7 years, Northbrook has had only two Village Managers since 1990! The Village Manager serves as our Chief Administrative Officer and reports directly to the Village President and Board of Trustees. The Village Manager is responsible for the appointment of all municipal department heads and for all other employees, with the exception of entry level police officers and firefighters/paramedics. The Village Manager is also responsible for all municipal operations as well as the submittal of an annual budget and capital improvement program. Finally, the Village Manager works closely with the elected officials on all issues impacting the Village.

When will the next Village Manager be chosen?

Because we have municipal elections on April 6, we will not be reviewing candidates or deciding upon interviews until early May. We anticipate the Village Board will appoint a candidate in June.