Lights Out Northbrook

The Village has launched a voluntary Lights Out Northbrook campaign where community members commit to leaving their lights off after 11pm each night from now until November 15. Participants will receive a free native seed packet by registering with the Village Sustainability Coordinator. 
This movement is part of a larger effort to protect the rare migratory birds that pass through Northbrook during fall, such as the ones pictured. Researchers believe that exterior lights on buildings confuse the navigation systems of birds leading them to circle buildings repeatedly and die of exhaustion or collision. 
Email with your address to collect your free native seed packet. Call 847-664-4134 with any questions.

Lights Out Guidelines

Try to achieve a building with the least amount of light emission possible.  

  • Extinguish or dim exterior or decorative lighting on any multi-story building. This includes spotlights, logos, lighted clock faces, greenhouses, antennae lighting, etc.
  • Extinguish or dim the maximum amount of lobby lighting possible.
  • Minimize the lights in perimeter rooms at all levels of the building.
  • Use timers effectively to ensure light is only used when needed, if at all. During Lights Out Northbrook, we recommend using your exterior lighting from sunset to 11pm if needed.

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