2028 - Walters Avenue Corridor Improvements

Project Description

This corridor is identified in the Village’s 2018 Master Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan (MBPP) as a location where separated bike lanes are recommended.  The MBPP can be found at this link. The MBPP identifies the Walters Avenue Corridor Improvements as a high priority project. Walters Road from Sanders to Shermer is also identified as a priority corridor in North West Municipal Conference (NWMC) transportation plan as regional route. The NWMC transportation plan can be found at this link

In 2022, the Village of Northbrook was awarded $927,022 in Surface Transportation Program (STP) grant funding for the resurfacing of Walters Avenue from Pfingsten Road to Shermer Road through the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. Based on the adopted 2024-2028 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), the cost for resurfacing is anticipated to be $1,158,777. Additionally, the water main on Walters Avenue was built in 1916 and will be replaced in conjunction to the paving project in an effort to maintain uninterrupted water service to residents. The cost for water main replacement is anticipated to be $2,405,885. The scale of bicycle and pedestrian improvements is not finalized but based on the MBPP’s recommended separated bike lanes the estimated cost is $805,000. These projects are being designed and constructed in Fiscal Year 2027/28 together to minimize impacts to residents and gain an economies of scale.

In 2023, the Village began a preliminary evaluation of the corridor to identify impacts of potential corridor improvements, and obtain public outreach to investigate the possibility of constructing bicycle and pedestrian improvements on Walters Avenue.  A flyer was sent to residents informing them of a public house that was held in April 20 2023 regarding the potential improvements on the corridor which can be found at this link.

Construction of the combined water main and roadway improvement project is slated for construction in Fiscal Year 2027/28 to correspond with awarded STP grant funding. While no final project scope has been determined yet, any bicycle and pedestrian improvements would be considered with the water main and road improvement projects. Staff recognizes the level of impact these potential improvements would have on the corridor and determined that it would be valuable to start stakeholder engagement prior to a formal Phase I (preliminary engineering). 

 As the project proceeds, Phase I will further review the feasibility of improvements along the corridor. Part of the Phase I process requires two additional public open houses which will be conducted prior to Phase II (detailed engineering).

Phase I engineering involves the development of a preliminary plan for the corridor following detailed survey and public input. The projects are anticipated to begin Phase I engineering in 2024 followed by Phase II in late 2025.

Special Note - Receive E-mail Updates About This Project

The Village recognizes that this project will impact a large number of residents living in the immediate area. For that reason, the NotifyMe e-mail listserv is available to anyone who is interested in receiving regular updates on the project. If you are interested, please subscribe at this link.

Project Updates

January 11, 2023 – Pedestrian and Bicycle Commission Meeting - Walters Avenue Corridor Improvements Introduction

A presentation on the involvement the PBC will have for designs that will involve bicycle and pedestrian improvements on Walters Avenue between Shermer Road and Pfingsten Road. The Consultant presented different design alternatives to assist the PBC with determining what makes the most sense to be presented.

March 8, 2023 – Pedestrian and Bicycle Commission Meeting - Walters Avenue Corridor Improvements Discussion

A presentation from the consultant on three options that would be presented at the April 20th open house.

April 20, 2023 – Walters Avenue Corridor Improvements Public Open House

The Village hosted an open house on Thursday, April 20, 2023 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.  A flyer was sent to residents on the corridor to gather ideas and feedback on how to improve bicycle conditions.  The flyer can be found at this link.   Exhibits presented at the open house can be viewed at this link.

May 10, 2023 – Pedestrian and Bicycle Commission Meeting - Walters Avenue Corridor Improvements Discussion

The PBC and staff debriefed on feedback from the Open House. Discussions regarding the next steps for this project. Staff informed the PBC that the proposed alignments can still change in the future during Phase I design.

August 10, 2023 – Pedestrian and Bicycle Commission Meeting - Walters Avenue Corridor Improvements Discussion

The PBC held a meeting to evaluate the final report provided by the consultant that outlined three possible options for the corridor with a recommendation of Option two to further investigate. The PBC accepted the report from the consultant that recommended Option two.