Counseling Services


The Counseling Services Unit provides crisis intervention with police, criminal court advocacy with victims of crimes, short-term counseling for police referred cases, information and referral and consultation to local schools, social service agencies and clergy. Referrals are made by police officers who have had contact with individuals or families experiencing social, psychological and/or behavioral problems. School personnel, local hospitals and community agencies that encounter individuals with problems of a high-risk nature also refer to the Counseling Services Unit. Treatment services are offered to adults and children of all ages.

There is no fee charged for these services. Advocacy is provided in criminal court for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child and elder abuse, and other types of violent crimes. Additional court services include advocacy with individuals involved in the mental health court or juvenile court systems. The Counseling Services Unit is staffed by Director Vaccaro, Clinical Counselor Nivasch and Social Worker Petrosko.

Community Service Program

The Counseling Services Unit also facilitates the Community Service Program for youth offenders under the age of 21 years. If a youth receives a local ordinance ticket for a first time offense such as curfew violation, underage drinking or possession of alcohol/drugs, criminal damage to property, retail theft; they may be referred to this prosecution diversion program. An assessment is conducted at the police department with the youth offender and a counselor to determine a community service placement for completing the required service hours ordered by the Judge. Referrals are also made for additional services and or resources deemed necessary.