Police Chaplain Program


In 2007 the Northbrook Police Department implemented a Chaplain Program. This program set out to provide spiritual assistance and crisis counseling to Department staff and members of the community in times of need.


The Police Chaplain works as an additional available resource for staff as grief counselors and crisis advocates, providing a volunteer on-call resource that works in conjunction with the Police Department's Counseling Services Unit. The Police Chaplains have been on scene at various incidents providing pastoral assistance as appropriate to victims and families in crisis when they are called on. Other services provided include:
  • Assist with death notifications
  • Offer prayers at ceremonies and special occasions
  • Provide assistance to victims
  • Provide for the spiritual needs of prisoners
  • Serve as liaison with other community clergy
  • Serve as part of the Department's Crisis Response Team
  • Visit sick or injured department personnel at home or hospital

Chaplain Resources

Our first Chaplain, Father James Braband, SVD, underwent rigorous Department orientation training including the Citizen's Police Academy, ride along sessions with training officers and finally formal Police Chaplain Training through the International Conference of Police Chaplains.

In 2008 the program welcomed its second volunteer to the team, Rabbi Meir Moscowitz. Rabbi Meir completed his training with the Department and deployed as a Police Chaplain in late 2009.

These volunteers serve the community and Department on their own time and without compensation. They have proven their worth time and again as they provide assistance and comfort to those who are in need. Their assistance is deeply appreciated by the members of the Department and community whom they serve.