Premise Alert Program


The Illinois Premise Alert Program is a state program aimed to provide first responders with vital information for people with special needs. The program, signed into law on August 28, 2009 says that if a 911 call center has the proper technology it must accept information on people with disabilities and share that information with police, firefighters and paramedics in an emergency.


The Premise Alert Program allows people to notify local police and fire departments about a family member who may require special assistance or treatment in an emergency at home. That could be a lifesaver for people who have autism or Alzheimer's disease, are blind or paralyzed. Operators at 911 call centers will have access to the information and will share it with police officers, firefighters and paramedics who respond to an emergency. Northbrook has the computer-aided dispatch technology necessary to make use of this program.

Will this program help? Definitely! If police and/or fire personnel are responding to a call knowing they may encounter someone with autism, they can ease the situation by speaking more softly and avoiding physical contact. Firefighters who respond to a call at the home of a quadriplegic can plan for a more complicated rescue.

Enrolling in the Premise Alert Program

If you have a family member or relative that you would like to enroll in the Illinois Premise Alert Program, please fill out the Premise Alert Program (PDF) form and return to the Northbrook Police or Fire Department, or Village Hall.