Biking & Walking

Northbrook's terrain and easy access to major biking and walking trails make the Village an excellent place to bike or enjoy a run. This page is designed to help cyclists and pedestrians identify local routes and how to connect to regional paths.

​Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for Northbrook

In July 2018, the Village Board accepted a new Master Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the Village. This plan includes a vision and blueprint for a more bikeable and walkable Northbrook based on community feedback and work from the Village's consultant. It will be incorporated as applicable into other Village Plans and is available for viewing at this link.

Village Bicycling Routes & Major Sidewalks

The Village has an extensive network of bicycling routes and sidewalks that cross the Village and make for easy connections to public transportation. To see a map of the Village's routes and sidewalks with the locations of bicycle racks, ratings of route comfort-levels and notices on difficult intersections, please see the Know Your Neighborhood Bicycle Route Map. To see which routes are easiest to access from any given location, use the "Find Address" search bar located on the upper left-hand side of the map.

Connecting to Regional Routes

Northbrook's location means that the Village's bicycle routes can be easily used to access regional routes. See full map of the northern Chicagoland region at this link.

Registering Your Bicycle

As part of its services, the Northbrook Police Department does register residents' bikes at no cost. This free service can increase the chance of a stolen or lost bike being returned to you. Register your bike using our Bicycle License Application Form, or contact the Records Division at the Police Department at 847-564-2060.

Local Initiatives

The Village constantly seeks new methods for improving access for bicyclists and the walkability of the community. As part of this the Village has created an official Bicycle Task Force, which meets throughout the year. The Village also has a Master Bicycle Plan which helps guide the development of paths in the area.

The Village also works in partnership with local partners, such as Northbrook Park District, to improve connections between local and regional routes. 

Skokie Valley Trail Extension Project

The Village, in partnership with Cook County, has begun work on an extension of the Skokie Valley Trail. See this page for more information.

The Northbrook Velodrome

Northbrook is home to the Ed Rudolph Velodrome, a major cycling attraction owned and managed by Northbrook Park District. Learn more about the Velodrome on the Park District's website.

Bicycling Resources

For more information on bicycling and getting around the Chicagoland region, see the links below:
  • Forest Preserves of Cook County Interactive Map: This interactive map illustrates the local Forest Preserves biking routes and trails.
  • Ride Illinois: Ride Illinois is a nonprofit dedicated to improving statewide bicycling conditions. In addition to maps around the State's routes, Ride Illinois has an extensive bicycling safety library.