River & Stream Maintenance

Resident Maintenance

If your property is located adjacent to a river/stream (watercourse), please try to keep the banks and channel clear of debris. Any filling or dumping of grass clippings, branches, other types of yard waste and trash can obstruct the flow of water or reduce the conveyance capacity which could potentially cause flooding problems to upstream properties. If you observe any filling, dumping or evidence of past filling/dumping in any water course in the Village, please contact Metropolitan Water Reclamation District’s Small Stream Maintenance at 312-751-5106 to have the obstructions removed.

Causing an obstruction in any watercourse within the Village is in violation of Section 16-3 of the Northbrook Municipal Code. No filling of any watercourse is allowed unless the proper state and Village permit requirements have been meet.

Residents are encouraged to perform routine maintenance checks of any watercourse adjacent to their property at least twice a year to ensure that no obstructions are present or unauthorized filling has occurred. If you have any additional questions please contact the Public Works Department at 847-272-4711.