Excessive Grass & Weeds Over 8 Inches

The Village of Northbrook’s Municipal Code Section 25-31 prohibits any weeds or traditional lawn grasses (bluegrasses, fescues, ryes, or bents) or exotic plants, other than trees, bushes, flowers, garden crops, or permitted ornamental grasses, native grasses, forbs, and wetland vegetation, to grow to an average height exceeding eight (8) inches anywhere in the Village.  Any such unlawful weeds, lawn grasses or exotic plants exceeding such height are declared to be a nuisance.  

  • When a tall grass/weeds inspection request is received, an inspection will take place to verify the violation.
  • If the violation is valid, a violation notice will be sent to the property owner with a five (5) day compliance date to have the area mowed.
  • If the violation is not corrected or resolved within five (5) days, the Village of Northbrook will authorize our landscape contractor to cut the area and will invoice the owner for the cost of all cutting plus an administrative fee equal to fees outlined in the Annual Fee Ordinance.
  • If the invoice is not paid, the Village of Northbrook will place a lien against the property for the amount owed.

Request a Tall Grass/Weeds Inspection Online

Residents may submit an inspection request through our Online Request Form. Please note, if you provide your email address you will be sent updates regarding any enforcement activity that takes place regarding your request.