Training & Safety Divisions

Educational Programs

The Fire Department Training and Safety Division is responsible for the design, delivery, and documentation of all training and educational programs involving department personnel. These programs are intended to improve the firefighting, emergency medical, rescue, underwater search rescue and recovery, and hazardous materials response capabilities available to the Northbrook community.


Through the efforts of the Division Chief of Training and Safety, day-to-day training of our firefighters is successfully developed and executed. The department also participates in various exercises including combined mutual aid drills with surrounding departments, cooperative drills with fellow Northbrook departments, and instructional drills with several of Northbrook’s commercial occupancies. Firefighters may also drill in abandoned homes and buildings scheduled for demolition when they become available.

The average Northbrook Career Firefighter trains over 20 hours per month and a Paid-On-Call Firefighter trains 6 hours per month. The Training Program adeptly meets the requirements and objectives of federal and state agencies.

Northbrook’s Special Teams maintain their excellent training regime and remain the most highly trained Hazardous Materials, Special Rescue, and Dive Team members in MABAS Division 3.