Water Distribution Services


Water distribution encompasses all activities, maintenance, service and repairs associated with the transmission of potable water through the distribution system. This system begins at the Water Filtration Plant and terminates at the individual customer's meter, excluding the portion of the customer's service line on private property.

Repair and maintenance of the water mains and related system components include performing water taps for plumbing contractors, utility locations, service calls, water main construction oversight, leak detection, B-box locations, and responding to inquiries regarding the water distribution system.

Water Main Break Repairs

water main break is an event where a pipe transmitting water in the Village's system begins to leak or breaks. Unless an unusual circumstance dictates otherwise, the Village repairs ruptures/breaks in the water distribution system with in-house staff. In isolated situations which exceed the capabilities of in-house equipment or staffing, the assistance of a skilled properly equipped underground contractor is retained to ensure the continuous flow of safe drinking water with the minimum amount of service interruption time.

Learn more about main breaks, how to spot them and how to report them on this page.

Fire Hydrants

An inspection and flushing of each Village owned fire hydrant is part of the Village's preventive maintenance program. Problems identified are repaired under non-emergency conditions. Timely repairs to fire hydrants are performed to ensure that the units are available and in working order during emergency situations. If you see a problem with a hydrant, please report it using the GONorthbrook Service Request system.

Backflow Prevention

This program, as mandated by the IEPA, ensures the Village's water distribution supply is not contaminated due to potential backflow of hazardous substances. The Village of Northbrook maintains a proactive backflow prevention program. Click here to learn more about this program.

Backflow Prevention Documents

Meter Services

The Meter Services crew is responsible for repairs and responding to inquiries and complaints involving metered water services currently on the Village's potable water distribution system. These repairs and inquiries include: resolving high bills and/or high water usage questions; investigating sources of in-structure leaks; responding to various water customer inquiries; repairing, installing, inspecting, and sealing water meters; reading pit meters; and special meter readings. 

Water Sprinkling Controls

Lawn sprinkling is prohibited on weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during the period between of May 15 and September 15.

Distribution Water Sampling

In accordance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and the IEPA, the Village is mandated to collect ten treated water samples from the distribution system for coliform testing on a weekly basis. There are 152 sampling locations being used throughout the Village for coliform testing. The samples are tested by an independent, certified laboratory to assure the final product is as pure as possible, free of harmful bacteria, free from color, turbidity, suspended solids, and undesirable taste and odors.

Questions or Concerns Regarding Water Distribution

For any questions or concerns regarding water distribution, including low pressure or to request a temporary shutdown, please use the GONorthbrook Service Request system or call 847-272-4711.