Report Standing Water

The most effective way to combat mosquitoes is to remove or treat standing water, and this page overviews how residents can eliminate problems on their own property as well as report issues for evaluation.

Why is standing water a concern?

As part of their life cycle, mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water where their larvae grow and mature. Once an adult mosquito has emerged from its water-breeding site, air-borne chemical spraying provides only temporary relief. For that reason, eliminating and treating standing water is a major concern.

How Can I Eliminate Standing Water on My Property?

The simplest action you can take is to inspect your property periodically and dump standing water. Here are some common areas to check:


Check or you have you gutters regularly cleaned to ensure proper water flower. A clogged gutter can lead to a mosquito problem (as well as roof problems).

Artificial Containers

Items such as wheelbarrows, buckets, watering cans and rain barrels can quickly become mosquito breeding grounds. Be sure to place a wheelbarrow upside down (to prevent water from accumulating) and bring in or regularly dump other containers. For tips on preventing mosquitoes in a rain barrel, see the rain barrels page.

Areas of Poor Drainage

If you have areas around your yard where water does not drain well, there are a number of potential solutions. A temporary solution can be to treat the area with larvaecide, but a more permanent solution may be to regrade that portion of the property. See the Managing Flooding page for more information on how you can fix drainage issues.

Reporting Issues and Concerns

For standing water, please report the issue to your local mosquito abatement district. In Northbrook, there are two districts divided by Pfingsten Road. See below their contact information:

For residents east of Pfingsten, contact the North Shore Mosquito Abatement District at 847/446-9434 or 
For residents west of Pfingsten, contact Northwest Mosquito Abatement District at
847/537-2306 or