Regular Street Maintenance Programs

As part of its on-going maintenance program, the Public Works Department performs routine street maintenance on both its asphalt and concrete road segments. These programs proactively focus on basic maintenance and repairs to both sets of streets and can include crack sealing, pothole patching, minor resurfacing work or minor panel replacements (for concrete sections). 

Additionally, the Department completes other items such as pavement striping, repairing storm drains and clearing and sweeping streets. While the Department does respond and complete repairs when these items are identified, the public can play an important role by reporting issues as they notice them as well. Below is some information on how to report issues and the service levels the Village maintains through regular maintenance.

Reporting a Problem

If you would like to report a problem on a Village-owned street (i.e. most neighborhood streets) such as a pothole or a street needing re-striping or sweeping, please either complete a service request through the GONorthbrook Request System or contact the Public Works Department directly at 847-272-4711.

For roads outside of the Village’s jurisdiction, please see the Street & Road Traffic page for how to contact other agencies.

Industry/Village Standards

The Public Works Department responds to and fills potholes within 24 hours of being notified by motorists, weather permitting. Minor resurfacing of asphalt streets or minor concrete panel replacement is done to extend the useful life of the roadway until it can be resurfaced or reconstructed. For details on future plans for the street system, see the Long-Term Planning page.