Patrol Division

The Police Department's Patrol Division is the backbone of the Department and provides its most basic functions. Learn more about how patrol helps keep the community safe here.

Uniformed Officer Patrol

 The largest and most visible unit in the Police Department, Uniformed Patrol is responsible for providing continious protection to the community. Uniformed Patrol is manned by three Watch Commanders, six Sergeants, and numerous Patrol Officers who patrol the streets of Northbrook 24 hours a day in an effort to deter crime, facilitate traffic, and provide prompt response to residents and visitors. Aside from general patrol activities the Uniformed Patrol Unit also includes several specialized units.

Motorcycle Patrol

Since 1982, the streets of the Village of Northbrook have been patrolled using motorcycles, in addition to traditional Police cars. Five officers are currently trained to ride our two fully marked Harley Davidson motorcycles. The motorcycles are used for daily patrol during warmer months and are also used for special activities including parades, funeral processions, VIP escorts, and community relations events. The maneuverability of the motorcycles is also a great asset for use in traffic enforcement programs. 

Bicycle Patrol

The Bicycle Patrol was placed into service in 1996 as part of a community policing effort. Since then the Bicycle Patrol has grown in popularity with the community and officers alike. The bicycles are used for normal patrol activities as well as special duties such as parks patrol and patrols for carnivals and special events.

Canine Unit

The Northbrook Police Department has a long tradition of maintaining a Canine Unit. The first Police Canine was placed into service in 1971 and many followed over the years. The Department currently has one German Shepherd that is trained to search for narcotics and is also used to track fleeing criminals. Our Canine units have traditionally been very important members of the Police Department. In fact, a plaque is on display inside the Police Department lobby memorializing the contributions of our canine partners who have passed away.