Building Inspection Services

The Development and Planning Services Department requires mandatory inspections for permitted work within the Village.

Schedule an Inspection

To schedule an inspection, call the Permit Coordinator Desk at 847-664-4050 a minimum of 48-hours in advanced of the proposed inspection. You will need the property address to schedule an inspection. 

A re-inspection fee will be charged for each failed inspection or an inspection not canceled at least four hours prior to inspection.

Common Inspection Mistakes

It is the goal of the Village to assist residents and/or contractors with the successful completion of field inspections. Consideration of these common mistakes may ensure that your next field inspection is successful.

  1. Inspectors not provided access to all relevant areas.
  2. No approved stamped plans on site.
  3. Work is not completed and/or ready to be inspected.
  4. Re-bar in footings not properly grounded.
  5. Underground disconnections aren't properly marked or exposed.
  6. Studs, joists, etc. bored or notched incorrectly or in wrong location.
  7. Incorrect insulation products installed.
  8. Lack of draft stopping and fire blocking.
  9. Inspection requests out of sequence (i.e. finals called in before rough-ins are approved).

Elevator Inspection Program

The Village of Northbrook conducts bi-annual elevator inspections for all conveyances in the Village pursuant to the Illinois Elevator Safety Act. The bi-annual inspections occur in the spring and fall of each year.

General Construction Reminders

View some helpful reminders to assist you with scheduling your inspection.