General Construction Reminders

Permitted Construction Hours

Allowable hours for construction noise in the Village include:
  • Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Saturday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Sunday, no construction noise allowed
If you suspect construction is occurring during non-permitted hours, please visit the Code Enforcement and Violations page for more information on how to contact the Village.

General Reminders for Scheduling Inspections

  • Please view the Cold Weather Concrete Reminders concerning construction during the cold weather months.
  • Please allow at least 48 hours advance notice prior to scheduling an inspection.
  • Make sure that the work to be inspected is complete prior to the inspection. You will be charged a nominal fee for failed inspections, including projects which are not ready when the inspector arrives.
  • Make sure all final inspections have been approved before you make final payment to your contractor.
  • You must be ready for the inspection. The inspector(s) will not re-inspect your job on the same day. If you are not ready for the first time inspection, you will need to call the office and re-schedule for the following day (if available).
  • Approved plans must be available on site, no inspection will be performed without approved plans on site.
  • Any major or substantial changes to the scale of the structure, structural design, type of construction, occupancy, or life safety designs that occur to a project are required to undergo a permit revision process. To obtain approval for a variation or revision to your project, please complete and submit a Permit Revision Application. Three (3) copies of any drawings or materials must be submitted along with this application, and no work is allowed to proceed until a permit revision is approved.
  • Work authorized by a permit must begin within 180 days from the date the permit was issued and must be completed within one year of issuance. Work extending beyond these time frames will require a permit extension and approval by the Director of Development and Planning Services. To obtain a permit extension, please complete a Permit Extension Application.
  • For temporary or final Certificate of Occupancy, please submit a Certificate of Occupancy Request to the Development and Planning Services Department.