Bicycle/Pedestrian Improvements - Summer 2020

2020 Construction Map

This project is one of a number of different construction projects occurring in the Village in 2020. A copy of the 2020 construction map will be posted here once its available.

Project Description

In addition to the routine sidewalk removal and replacement programs, the Village completes improvements to benefit bicyclists and pedestrians across the community based on the projects outlined in the Master Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

In 2020, the Village will focus on the completion of the Farnsworth-Birch-Koepke-Miller bicycle boulevard. Bicycle boulevards are a type of improvement that improves conditions for bicyclists by installing directional signage and installing traffic calming measures to reduce the speed of vehicles utilizing the same route. This project is currently in design and will be unveiled following an open feedback period from residents.  A map of the area to be included can be found at this link.

Enabling Resolution

Once the Village Board has awarded a contract for this work, a copy of the enabling resolution will be posted here.

Project Notifications

Once a copy of the project notification to impacted residents is available, it will be posted here.

Project Updates

January 27, 2020 - Work Announcement

This project is currently being designed by the Village's engineering consultant. Details and a work schedule will be available when this project is awarded in spring 2019.