Green Resident Award Recipients

Resident home by Pexels

2019 Green Resident Award

Applications for the 2019 Green Resident Award were reviewed by the Environmental Quality Commission. Four noteworthy applications are highlighted below:

Anna and Andrew Pawlowski - Winners!

The Pawlowskis identified numerous sustainable energy efficiency actions they have taken, including but not limited to using Energy Star rates appliances, relying on ceiling fans and open windows in lieu of running the air conditioner, planting trees to help shade their home and reduce cooling costs, utilize LED bulbs, adding addition insulation to their home, utilizing power strips for electronics to reduce electricity usage, and using public transportation and driving electric vehicles to reduce use of fossil fuels. After a thorough review of the Green Resident Award applications, the Environmental Quality Commission unanimously selected Anna and Andrew Pawlowski as the inaugural recipients of the Green Resident Award.

Anna Pawlowski recommends reading “Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste” by Bea Johnson and watching the award winning documentary “Plastic Paradise – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch”.

Aaron and Jenny Stash

The Stash’s also identified numerous sustainability efforts they have undertaken; Most salient of these is the construction of a LEED platinum home. In conjunction with this, the Stash’s have high levels of insulation, utilize LED lights in their home, have low flow plumbing fixtures, use Energy Star rated appliances, and are seeking the addition of 39 solar panels on their roof.

Lawrence and Marc Seeger

The Seegers’ application detailed their efforts to collect litter at Williamsburg Park and along the basin behind Northbrook Court and recycling the materials from their collections. As they state in their application, their efforts have helped keep the area safe, fresh, clean, and green. Special shout out to the Seegers for actively reducing harmful impacts of litter on wildlife!

Jonathan and Rachel Laven

The Lavens outlined in their application their sustainable energy efficiency efforts including the installation of solar panels on the roof of their home, using 2 electric vehicles, using high efficiency furnaces, and they are currently pursuing a Tesla Powerwall.