Why are other Fire Department Vehicles in my town?

The Northbrook Fire Department staffs three fire stations providing fire and ambulance response. Last year, we responded to over 5,800 emergencies. At times, all of the Northbrook units are busy, and additional ambulance calls or other fire incidents require additional resources from neighboring towns.

Sometimes an emergency will occur where the neighboring fire station is closer than the Northbrook station, and the closest unit, regardless of jurisdiction, is dispatched to assist. When this happens, neighboring Fire Departments respond through pre-approved Mutual Aid agreements to these emergencies at no additional cost to tax payers. Northbrook firefighters also reciprocate in turn and respond into other communities when they need assistance.

This neighbor helping neighbor Mutual Aid occurs seamlessly on a daily basis. Over the past five years, Northbrook Fire provided Mutual Aid assistance to other communities on average 464 times annually, and received Mutual Aid assistance from our neighbors 468 times annually. So the next time you see a fire engine from another community in town, know that Northbrook firefighters will be assisting them in their town sometime soon, providing the most efficient response possible.

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