What else can a property owner that cares deeply about pollinators be doing?
  • Leave your leaves in the fall – they provide habitat for overwintering species; or if there are too many in certain spots, gather some and mulch them with your lawn mower
  • Leave perennials standings when perennials die back in the fall; the stems provide shelter for insects and the seed heads provide food for birds
  • Avoid using pesticides and herbicides - lawns may support diverse plant communities and floral resources if we refrain from using herbicides to kill 'weeds' such as dandelions and clover
  • Plant native plants whenever you can - either in a dedicated space or interplanted with ornamentals and non-natives
  • Grow flowering plants in groups is more impactful than spacing them far apart
  • Plant a wide variety of flowering plants that bloom at different time throughout the year so that there will be something for pollinators from spring through fall
  • Plant trees, herbs, flowering fruits and vegetables, natives are best for wildlife, but as long as you avoid invasive species you will be providing habitat
  • Leave some areas, even small areas, undisturbed- long grass, log piles, brush piles for winter shelter for insects that later provide high protein for birds
  • Only fertilize your lawn when necessary rather than routinely, organic products preferred
  • Create nesting shelter for birds

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