What will the fees be used for?

For each ten-cent tax, five cents are to be retained by the business and five cents will go to the Village. The single-use bag fees submitted to the Village of Northbrook will be used to fund sustainability projects as reviewed and approved by the Village Board. At the start of the program rollout, the Village will supply free reusable bags for distribution at applicable businesses.

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1. Why are single-use bags a concern in Northbrook?
2. What is the reason for the tax on single-use bags?
3. How much is the tax?
4. What stores are required to collect the tax?
5. Which stores are not required to collect the tax?
6. Is the single-use bag tax subject to sales tax?
7. Are signs about the bag tax required to be on display in stores?
8. What will the fees be used for?
9. Are there exemptions?