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  1. Commission Application

    By serving on a Village advisory Board or Commission, you can participate in planning the future of Northbrook! Many of these... More…

  2. Northbrook Originals Exhibit Application

    Artist's Exhibit Application

  1. Northbrook Call for Artists


  1. Vendor Information Form

    In accordance with the Illinois Public Act 102-0265, the Village of Northbrook is required to make a good faith effort to collect and... More…

Manager's Office

  1. Contact Us

    Use the form below to connect with a Village team member. Service requests can be submitted via GoNorthbrook which is available at... More…

  2. March 24 - Stop the Bleed/Hands Only CPR Course

    The Northbrook Fire Department is offering a combination Stop The Bleed/Hands Only CPR course on April 25, 7:00pm-8:00pm at Fire... More…

  3. Public Comment Form
  4. Shermer-Walters Public Forum Reservation Request Form
  5. Village Happenings
  1. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Form
  2. Northbrook Strong Neighbor Spotlight
  3. Raffle License Application
  4. Special Event Permit Application
  5. Welcoming and Inclusive Community Pledge

Police Department

  1. Bicycle License Application
  2. Premise Alert Program
  1. Police Department Traffic Complaint Form
  2. Video Sharing Partnership Form

    The Northbrook Video Sharing partnership program is a voluntary program for residents and business owners who have private video... More…


  1. Discounted Compost Collection Sign up Interest Form

    The Village is excited to launch a discounted compost collection pilot program through the Village's refuse & recycling contractor... More…

  1. Fall Tree Giveaway 2022

    Northbrook’s Climate Action Plan calls on the Village to increase our tree canopy by offering annual free tree giveaways. The fall 2022... More…