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Fall Tree Giveaway 2022

  1. Northbrook’s Climate Action Plan calls on the Village to increase our tree canopy by offering annual free tree giveaways. The fall 2022 giveaway includes a variety of trees that provide food and habitat to wildlife plus are well-adapted to Northbrook’s climate. See the detailed list of species available. You will receive confirmation via email if there is a tree available for you. 

    Pickups will be held on October 4 and October 18 from 3:30-5:30pm at 655 Huehl Road. Plants are currently 3-5 feet tall and come in one-gallon sized containers. You will be responsible for tree pickup, planting, and maintenance for this private property tree giveaway.

  2. Instructions: Please review the tree list linked here and ensure that your property will meet the needs of your desired tree. Always check that the location of where you are planting will allow enough space for the tree to grow to its fullest height and width extent as listed. 

  3. Instructions: Rank the tree species you want from most preferred to least preferred; if you are only interested in one tree type, please note this. Available tree types are linked here

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