• Opaque Glass by Cecily Stash (12 yo) - 1st Place, Reflections Category
  • Reflection Sculpture at Northbrook Public Library by Emily Szumowski - 2nd Place, Reflections Category
  • Maple School Reflections by Jennifer Joseph - 3rd Place, Reflections Category
  • Doors to Peace by Jenny Stash - 1st Place, Doors Category
  • Doorway to Prayer by Rochelle Singer - 2nd Place, Doors Category
  • Sundown at the Library by Gregory Metzler - 1st Place, Northbrook in Black and White Category
  • Our Quaint Rail Hub by Linda Cohen - 2nd Place, Northbrook in Black and White Category
  • Verticals, Horizontals, and Diagonals; Blacks, Whites, and Grays by Emily Szumowski - 3rd Place, Northbrook in Black and White Category
  • Silhouette in Color by Emily Szumowski - Honorable Mention, Silhouette Category
  • Tree Glee by Beth Landau - 1st Place, Trees Category
  • Twisted Tree by Kai Stash (10 yo) - 1st Place Young Adult, Trees Category
  • Techny Trees by Caden Gaty (12 yo) - 2nd Place, Trees Category
  • Up the 'Pine' Ladder to the Roof by Jenny Stash - 3rd Place, Trees Category

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