Village Board of Trustees

Meet Our Board Members

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Contact the Village Board

  • Contact board members via mail by addressing the letter to 1225 Cedar Lane, Northbrook, IL 60062. You can also contact Board members and staff using this online contact form.

Types of Meetings

The Village Board has three types of meetings:

  • Regular Meetings: The Village Board holds regular meetings twice a month. At these meetings, the Board can consider and act upon individual matters before it. The Board utilizes an agenda for these meetings and can only vote on matters specifically identified on the agenda. The public is also given time to speak. If you would like to speak to the board on an item which is on agenda, you can make your comments during that portion of the agenda. If you wish to speak about an item which is not on the agenda, you can do so under the "Hear from the Audience" section.

  • Committee of the Whole Meetings: Committee of the Whole meetings are held twice a month and allow the full Board to meet and discuss, but not act upon, any specific topic or topics. These items are outlined on the agenda for meeting. The Board may opt to hear from audience members at these meetings, but since no action is being taken, there is no designated public comment period.

  • Work Committee Meetings: The Board has various work committees that focus on specific areas of the Village (i.e. Public Safety, Public Works, etc.). These meetings are held on an as-needed basis and noticed like regular meetings. Click here for more details on the Board's work committees, which include the following:

    • Ad Hoc Downtown Committee
    • Ad Hoc Labor Relations Committee
    • Administration & Finance Committee
    • Communications & Outreach Committee
    • Community & Sustainability Committee
    • Planning & Economic Development Committee
    • Public Safety Committee
    • Public Works & Facilities Committee

Agendas and Minutes

The agendas of all regular and Committee of the Whole Village Board meetings are available on this website. Minutes are posted to the same website within 24 hours of the Village Board's approval of the minutes. Agendas and minutes for the Board's Work Committees are available in the Agenda Center
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Sign up to Receive Agendas by Email

Sign up to receive Village Board and Plan Commission meeting agendas by email. Visit the Village's website, type your email address in the box at the top of the page, and select "Sign In." Find "Agenda Center" and click the envelope icon next to "Village Board of Trustees" and/or "Plan Commission." You will receive a confirmation email to complete the subscription. Agendas will be emailed at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

Public Comments

To make a public comment for Board consideration, fill out the Village's Public Comment Form here. Public comments can also be made in person at public meetings or written and addressed to the Village Board at 1225 Cedar Lane, Northbrook, IL 60062.

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How to Watch Village Board Meetings

For those who cannot attend in person, regular Board of Trustees meetings are streamed live on the Village's Facebook page, on this website, and on NCTV- Cable Channel 17 (AT&T subscribers can view NCTV on channel 99, search "Northbrook"). Meeting videos are archived on the Village's Facebook page and this website and replayed on the cable channel the following day at 9am and 7pm and the following Sunday at 9am and 7pm. Tune in and watch your local officials in action!

Note: Committee of the Whole meetings and Board Work Committee meetings are not streamed live or recorded.