Police Programs & Services

Alarm System Registration

Click here to obtain or renew your Alarm Permit online. The alarm permit process ensures that all residential and commercial alarm systems are registered with the Village. This provides the Police Department with up-to-date, accurate information about the responsible party, alarm company, and any key holder(s), and helps reduce the number of false/non-bona fide alarm responses by our officers. 

For more information about the Alarm System Registration Program, click here.

Child Safety Seat Inspections

Four out of five Child Safety Seats are improperly installed. The Police Department's Child Safety Seat Technicians can instruct residents on proper child safety seat installation and inspect an installed safety seat. Contact the Community Relations Unit at 847-664-4182 to schedule an appointment.

Chaplain Program

In conjunction with the Police Department's Counseling Services Unit, the Police Chaplain works as a grief counselor and crisis advocate. The Chaplains provide pastoral assistance as appropriate to victims and families in crisis, assist with death notifications, offer prayers at ceremonies and special occasions, provide for the spiritual needs of prisoners, serve as liaison with other community clergy,  serve on the Department's Crisis Response Team, and visit sick or injured personnel at home or in the hospital. 

The Police Department's volunteer chaplains, Father James Braband, Rabbi Meir Moscowitz, and Imam Hazim Fazlic, serve the community and Department on their own time and without compensation. 

Citizen Reporting

Many non-emergency requests for police service do not require the physical presence of an officer at the time of an incident. Citizens can report lost property or crash reports with no injury and damage under $500 in person at the Police Department, Monday-Friday, 7:00 am - 5:30 pm. 

Citizens Police Academy

The Citizens Police Academy is a free 8 session program designed to give residents and business owners a firsthand look at the Northbrook Police Department and its employees. The Academy meets on Wednesdays from 7-9pm at the Police Station. Meetings may take place at other local sites as required. Using both hands-on and classroom instruction, each session focuses on various aspects of police work. The goal of the Academy is to strengthen the partnership between the Police Department and the community. Close interaction allows citizens and the Police Department to better understand one another. Some of the core instruction topics include: emergency communications, patrol operations, criminal investigations, use of force training, crime scene processing, police canine techniques, and animal control. View the Citizens Police Academy brochure here

All spots for the upcoming Citizens Police Academy (March 1 - April 26) have been filled. Check back for information regarding future sessions! 

Contact Community Relations Supervisor, Richard Rash, at 847-664-4427 with questions. 

Community Service Program 

If a youth offender under the age of 21 receives a local ordinance ticket for a first time offense such as curfew violation, underage drinking or possession of alcohol/drugs, criminal damage to property, retail theft, they may be referred to the Community Service Program facilitated by the Counseling Services Unit. An assessment is conducted at the Police Department with the youth offender and a counselor to determine a community service placement. Referrals are also made for additional services and/or resources deemed necessary.

Counseling Services

The Counseling Services Unit provides crisis intervention with police, criminal court advocacy with victims of crimes, short-term counseling for police referred cases, information and referral and consultation to local schools, social service agencies and clergy. Referrals are made by police officers who have had contact with individuals or families experiencing social, psychological and/or behavioral problems. School personnel, local hospitals and community agencies that encounter individuals with problems of a high-risk nature can also refer to the Counseling Services Unit. Treatment services are offered to adults and children of all ages. 

There is no fee charged for these services. Advocacy is provided in criminal court for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child and elder abuse, and other types of violent crimes. Additional court services include advocacy with individuals involved in the mental health court or juvenile court systems.

House Watch Program

The Police Department offers a house watch program for residents who are away from their home for five days or more. To participate, complete the Residential Watch form and return it by email to records@northbrook.il.us or call (847) 664-4180 during business hours prior to your departure.

Juvenile Officers

Juvenile Officers often work with parents to determine how a problem is best solved, getting parental input throughout the process. The juvenile court system is vastly different than the adult courts and juvenile offenses are handled differently. The juvenile justice system is geared towards supplying parents with the tools to correct problems and help juveniles, thus not sending them to court or incarceration.

Parents are encouraged to contact the Northbrook Police for help  if they see behavioral changes that could indicate criminal behavior by their children. Juvenile Officers can meet with the parents and explain the possible ramifications of the different behaviors and help in finding solutions to those problems. Parents do not have to bring their children in for arrest to get help for them. Parents can meet with a Juvenile Officer and/or Counseling Services.

Every school in Northbrook has a Juvenile Officer as a liaison between the school and the Northbrook Police Department. School Liaison Officers work with the schools to advise on or handle public safety matters and assist with school safety. 

Premise Alert Program

The Premise Alert Program notifies the Police and Fire Departments about a family member who may require special assistance or treatment during an emergency at home. Operators at 911 call centers will have access to the information and will share it with emergency responders who can plan and respond accordingly. 

Enroll a family member in the Illinois Premise Alert Program by filling out the Premise Alert Program form and returning it to the Northbrook Police or Fire Department, or Village Hall.

Save-a-Star Program

The Village of Northbrook provides residents the option to dispose of unwanted medications, including controlled substances, at the Police Department. For a complete list of acceptable/unacceptable items and instructions, please refer to this document