Professional & Business Service Opportunities

Northbrook is at the forefront of the Chicago’s North Shore as the business hub for professional and business services. Over 3,000 businesses with more than 45,000 employees call Northbrook home. Of those businesses, approximately 50% of them are involved with providing professional and business services. Those businesses range from solo practice medical and legal offices to corporate world headquarters for Underwriters Laboratories and Crate and Barrel.
Bordered by the Tri-State Tollway on the west and the Edens Expressway on the east, Northbrook provides businesses with easy access to potential employees throughout the metropolitan area. Northbrook’s location also provides businesses with easy access to transportation networks from which to connect to customers throughout the metropolitan area, the country, and around the world.
Crate and Barrel Corporate Headquarters
So if you are looking for an office facility on the North Shore in relatively close proximity to your home, opportunities await you here in Northbrook - The North Shore’s Forefront for Business.


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