Storm Sewer Maintenance

The Village's Storm Sewer Maintenance Program

As with other types of infrastructure, the Village completes proactive maintenance to help maximize the life of each piece of the system and minimize problems prior to a major rainfall.

Periodic maintenance of the storm sewer structures is required to maximize the life expectancy of the system and to ensure the overall structural integrity of the infrastructure. Storm sewer lines are televised to determine the integrity of the storm sewer pipe and to note any suspected structural problems.

Storm sewer segments showing signs of tree roots have those removed and sewers are flushed as a preventive measure and to open potential blockages in the system. In isolated and emergency circumstances, point repairs are performed on defective storm sewer trunk and service lines, and failed sections of culverts are replaced.

During periods of heavy and/or prolonged rainfall, crews are assigned to clean debris from storm sewer inlets. In addition, crews are dispatched as soon as possible to respond to calls by residents whose basements are flooding due to plumbing backups, sump pump failures, overland flooding or seepage. Street or yard surface drainage problems are also accorded top priority.

Report An Issue

If you see an active issue that you would like to report that is not discussed on this page, please see the Managing Flooding On or Near Your Property Page.