Water Production Services

Water Treatment

In order to supply water to customers, the Village pumps water directly from Lake Michigan and provides all treatment necessary to make it safe to use and drink. The treatment process is managed by the Village's Water Plant. This page overviews that process and gives links for more information.


Northbrook's water production activities incorporate around-the-clock staffing to operate and monitor equipment used in the water treatment and pumping process to ensure that an adequate supply of potable water is available to all users at all times. A variety of chemicals and a multimedia anthracite/sand filtration process are used to treat unfinished water to remove sediment and harmful bacteria.

Production of Potable Water

Daily water production activities to produce potable water at the water filtration plant include: performing hourly water samples and tests on the finished and raw water; filter washing; adjustment of chemical pumps; and monitoring the machinery, gauges, and instruments located throughout the plant to ensure a safe, high quality finished product. The six chemicals added to the water drawn and pumped from Lake Michigan to the Water Filtration Plant are:

  • Aluminum Sulfate - to eliminate suspended solids (turbidity) from the water.
  • Carbon - to eliminate objectionable taste and odors in the water (typically related to algae).
  • Chlorine - for disinfection and to kill organisms and pathogens found in the water.
  • Fluoride - to help prevent dental cavities.
  • Poly-Orthophosphate - to provide corrosion control for users with lead service lines or solder.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite - to eliminate zebra mussel infestation in the raw water intake lines and to enhance contact time (CT) for control of microbials.

Learn more about the Village's water quality on the Water Quality page.

Water Quality Complaints

Water quality complaints include those involving odor, taste, color, and pressure. In most cases, samples are taken and tested for chlorine residual, and the resident or owner is notified of the results.

Under State law, the Village publishes a "consumer confidence report" (i.e. a water quality report) for all customers. This report is included in the Village's print newsletter each year but the current and all previous reports can be viewed on the Water Quality page.