Climate Action Plan

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The Village of Northbrook is committed to addressing the climate crisis on a local level. The Board of Trustees has requested the Department of Development & Planning Services to oversee the work of a consultant in preparing an assessment of local environmental conditions and the identification of steps that can be taken to ensure Northbrook is not only resilient to climate changes, but takes positive steps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions locally. The Village issued an RFP in early 2020 to seek a consultant to assist in the next step moving forward; the Request for Proposal can be seen here.

Following a review of the responses to the RFP received, the Village ultimately selected paleBLUEdot LLC to assist in assessing the local environmental conditions and preparing a Climate Action Plan.

Sustainability Assessment, Vulnerability Analysis, and Climate Action Framework

The Village has become increasingly concerned about the global climate crisis and is working with paleBLUEdot LLC for the preparation and presentation of a series of studies and reports in order to:

  1. Identify key local environmental characteristics, metrics for measuring key indicators and benchmarks for comparing the Village to peer communities
  2. Seek input on the perceptions of the community regarding climate conditions and the urgency to respond to the crisis locally
  3. Project future conditions based on alternative scenarios
  4. Identify local vulnerabilities to climate change
  5. Summarize key findings of the review of data
    1. Infographic 1: What is Climate Change?
    2. Infographic 2: Direct Climate Impacts on Northbrook
    3. Infographic 3: Climate Change Solutions for Northbrook
  6. Recommend attainable local climate action goals and strategies for the Village of Northbrook, our residents and the business community

Climate Action Planning Team Meetings

January 11, 2021

The CAPT met in subgroups to assemble lists of main goals for each sector that members would like to see come out of Northbrook's Climate Action Plan. Watch a video recording of this meeting here or read the meeting summary here.

The next CAPT workshop is scheduled for February 8, 2021 at 6 p.m. and is open to the public. The scheduled workshops for 2021 are as follows: February 8th, March 8th,  and April 12th.

December 14, 2020

The CAPT established a consensus on the overarching goal for the Climate Action Plan and met in subgroups to discuss potential goals for each sector. Watch a video recording of this meeting here or read the meeting summary here.

November 9, 2020

The paleBLUEdot, LLC consultant led the first kickoff meeting with an overview of Northbrook's baseline status of environmental conditions and what is to come for this project. Watch a video recording of this meeting here or read the meeting summary here.

In September 2020, paleBLUEdot, LLC presented the following drafted baseline reports:

Climate Action Baselines Cover with Wind Turbine Opens in new windowClimate Action Baseline Assessment & Strategy Goal RecommendationsNorthbrook Community GHG InventoryCommunity Greenhouse Gas InventoryNorthbrook Climate Vulnerability Assessment Opens in new windowClimate Vulnerability Assessment 
Solar Renewable Energy Potentials Opens in new windowSolar Renewable Energy Potentials StudyTree Canopy Survey Opens in new windowTree Survey & Carbon Sequestration