Codes & Regulations

Address Policy

Click here for Village of Northbrook street naming and address assignment standards/policies.

Affordable Housing

Click here to learn about the Village of Northbrook's Inclusionary Housing Ordinance, which was adopted in December 2020

Annual Fee Ordinance

The Annual Fee Ordinance ("AFO") outlines the fees the Village charges for service or other items. Residents, businesses, or visitors looking to see how much a service may cost are encouraged to check the Ordinance. View the current AFO here.

For any questions, contact the applicable Department named for each fee.

Building Codes

The Village of Northbrook has adopted various 2018 editions of building codes that are currently being enforced in Northbrook. Click here to view these codes.


On October 22, 2019 the Village Board of Trustees adopted Ordinance No. 2019-70 amending the Northbrook Zoning Code regarding Cannabis Business Establishments. Click here to view the details.

Code Enforcement & Violations

To protect the health, safety, and welfare of its residents, the Village of Northbrook sets forth maintenance standards for all properties within the Village boundaries. Click here to learn more or to report a possible code violation.

Comprehensive Plan

On December 14, 2010, the President and Board of Trustees formally adopted a New Comprehensive Plan for the Village. The Comprehensive Plan will help guide land use, transportation and economic development decisions for the next ten to twenty years. Click here to view it. 

Energy Code

All projects conducted within the Village of Northbrook are also required to abide by the 2018 State of Illinois International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Amendments.

Note: The following information and diagrams may not reflect the latest Village of Northbrook Code Amendments.

Engineering Standards & Specifications

Click here to view Village standards and specifications for proposed utility (water, storm, sanitary), grading, drainage, paving, etc. improvements, both public and private.

Municipal Code

Click here to view the Northbrook Municipal Code (hosted through Municode).

Subdivision & Development Code

Click here to view the Village of Northbrook's Subdivision and Development Code.

Zoning Code

Click here to find indexed zoning codes for the Village of Northbrook.