Vendor Demographic Data

In accordance with the Illinois Public Act 102-0265, the Village of Northbrook is required to make a good faith effort to collect and publish certain demographic information provided by our vendors and subcontractors. We are now required to report whether the vendor or subcontractor is a minority, women, or veteran-owned business as defined by Illinois Law. In addition, we are required to disclose if the business is certified as a small business under Small Business Administration standards. This information is being collected for reporting purposes only. We are kindly asking our vendors to provide us with current business information. 

Please complete and submit the Online Vendor Information Form at your earliest convenience.
Once data has been collected, the Village will publish vendor demographic information by December 31 on an annual basis. See below for the published information.

For more information on municipal requirements for reporting vendor demographic information, please reference the Municipal Reporting Fact Sheet prepared by IML. 
If you have any questions, please contact Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Anita Bozic at or 847-664-4032.  

Annual Vendor Information Reports