Hot Tub/Spa

For the construction or installation of a new hot tub/spa, see below for permit submittal requirements and for general construction information.

Application Requirements

  • Permit Application Packet - The documents below have been combined into one PDF file.
    1. Building Permit Application
    2. Zoning Worksheet - Accessory Structures
    3. Contractor of Record (Contractor License Requirements / Contractor License Application)
    4. Tree Protection Agreement

Application Fees & Deposits

  • Building Construction and Inspection Fee - $750 (Commercial) due at time of permit pick-up
  • Building Construction and Inspection Fee - $250 (Residential) due at time of permit pick-up
  • Additional fees may apply at time of permit pick-up

Required Documents & Drawing Requirements

For Prefabricated Spas/Hot Tubs

  • Manufacturer's specifications (identify model and size) - 2 copies
  • Location Diagram with the proposed spa/hot tub shown (this may be shown on a separate copy of the Plat of Survey) - 2 copies
    • Diagram must show the size of the spa/hot tub and the distance from the property lines to the spa/hot tub
  • Plat of Survey (with no marks added) - 2 copies

For Custom Designed Spas/Hot Tubs

  • Construction Drawings - 2 sets
  • Civil Engineering Drawings (if greater than 400 sq. ft. net increase in impervious surface coverage) - 3 sets
  • Location Diagram (see information above) - 3 sets
  • Plat of Survey (with no marks added) - 3 sets

Required Inspections

  • Foundation (Pre-pour) (If applicable)
  • Electrical Rough-In (If applicable)
  • Framing/Structural
  • Final Inspection (if prefab, manufacturer’s specifications must be available)

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