For the installation of an electrical generator, see below for permit submittal requirements and for general construction information.

Application Requirements

  • Generator Packet - The documents below have been combined into one PDF file.
    1. Electrical Application
    2. Back-Up Generator Worksheet
    3. Sample One-Line Diagram
    4. Generator Location Requirements Diagram

Application Fees & Deposits

  • Permit Application Deposit - $60 (Due at time of application submittal)
  • Electrical and gas fee for commercial project is $290 (Due at time of permit pick-up)
  • Electrical and gas fee for residential project is $90 (Due at time of permit pick-up)

Drawing Requirements (To Be Submitted With Permit Application)

  • Generator specifications from the manufacturer - 2 copies
  • One-Line Diagram (see below sample) - 2 copies
  • Plat of Survey (indicate location of generator with dimensions to property lines) - 2 copies

Required Inspections

  • Any gas or electric piping that will be concealed or buried 
  • Final Inspection (Generator must comply with zoning setbacks; electrician required to be on-site with the panel cover open)

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