Vehicle Stickers

NOTE: If you are a new resident or have a new vehicle (both within 45 days) you are not subject to vehicle sticker late fees. Stickers should be purchased in-person.

The online payment system is open. If you are a new resident or purchased a new vehicle, applications can be filled out in person at Village Hall. 

All motor vehicles owned by a Village resident or by a person or entity (including associations, clubs, societies, firms, partnerships, and bodies politic and corporate) having its principle place of business in the Village requires a Village vehicle license (often called a "vehicle sticker").

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Purchasing Online

Visit our online payment system here. With this platform, you can purchase sticker and pet tag renewals, purchase for new vehicles, or delete licenses you no longer own, all with the convenience of a credit card. Just keep in mind that new pet tags must be purchased in-person but pet tag renewals can be purchased online. Before starting, you will need your license plate number, vehicle ID, rabies certificate number, and pet ID from the application(s) you received in the mail.

When to Buy a Sticker

Sticker Renewals

If you have previously purchased a sticker from the Village, you must purchase a renewal each year. The date for stickers to be purchased and displayed this year is August 1. Stickers are available June 1 for purchase online, by mail, or via one of the Village's drop-boxes only. Purchases can also be made at the Village Hall front counter starting June 7 during regular business hours. 

Current residents who have purchased Village vehicle stickers and are in our database automatically receive renewal applications in the mail towards the end of May of each calendar year.

New Residents and Businesses 

Residents and businesses who are moving into the community have a 45 day grace period in which to purchase stickers for their vehicles.  

Where to Place the Sticker

The Village vehicle sticker must be affixed to the lower left windshield of the vehicle. When purchasing the renewal sticker, please remove the old sticker and place the new one in its place. 

Can I Transfer a Sticker?

Yes. If you purchase a new vehicle and want to transfer your sticker, you can at no cost. Simply contact the Finance Department at 847-272-5050 to notify the Village. If you need a new sticker, bring in the old one to replace it for $1.00.

Support the Community with a Special Vehicle Sticker

Northbrook residents and businesses who donate $20+ will receive a special Historical Society vehicle sticker. Include your donation (minimum $20) to help support the Northbrook Historical Society on the vehicle sticker order form or select the special sticker option when paying online. The Northbrook Historical Society was incorporated in March 1974 by residents interested in preserving the history of our Village. The purpose of the society is to discover, collect, preserve, and disseminate knowledge that establishes or illustrates the history of the Village of Northbrook, its exploration, settlement, development and progress.

There are only 2,000 special vehicle stickers, so purchase yours early!

Northbrook Historical Society Sticker

Vehicle Sticker Fees

Vehicle Type
Gross Weight
Fees until 8/1
Fees after 8/1
*Stickers for hybrid vehicles are ½ price
Trucks, Trailers, RV’s
8,000 lbs.and Less
8,001 lbs. - 12,000
12,001 lbs. - 24,000
24,001 lbs. - 45,000

45,001 lbs. and more

Seniors (age 65 and older) receive a 50% discount on automobile and motorcycle license fees. Stickers can be replaced for $1.00 per sticker.

License Application 

Applications will be mailed to current residents who have purchased Village vehicle stickers and are in our database. Applications will also be available at Village Hall on June 7. 

Unincorporated Northbrook           

Those living in unincorporated Cook County are not required to purchase a Cook County sticker as Cook County repealed the wheel tax as of June 30, 2023.