New to Northbrook

Image showing Northbrook from the air with Chicago in the background.

Welcome to your new home! We're so glad you're here and we hope the checklist below is helpful during your transition into the Village. 

water services

Set-Up Water Service. Call 847-664-4171 to setup or change your water billing account. 

Trash can

Sign-Up for Refuse, Recycling, Landscape Waste, and Compost Pick-Up. Waste Management services most Northbrook residents; some apartments or condominiums may have other collection agreements. Call 800-964-8988 or visit to set up an account today. 

Apply for a vehicle and/or animal licenseMotor vehicles owned by a Northbrook resident must be licensed each year. Cats and dogs over six months old require an annual animal license. New residents have 45 days to get both types of licenses and are not subject to late fees. 

Utility Accounts

Set-Up Utility Accounts. Learn about the utilities serving the Northbrook area and set-up any necessary accounts here

Know Your Neighborhood. Use the Know Your Neighborhood tool Neighborhood iconto learn about your property and get answers to common questions such as when is garbage collection and who are the elected representatives.

Mail envolope icon Emergency Notifications. Looking for updates from the Village on information you care about or need to know? Northbrook Notify provides emergency alerts via email, text, and/or voice call. NotifyMe provides non-emergency notifications about selected topics via email and text. Sign up today!

Did you know

- The Village does not levy a real estate transfer tax or issue transfer stamps.

It is unlawful for any person to park a "business vehicle" or "trailer" on a public street within the Village between 2 am and 6 am.

- There is no parking on public Village streets when there is two or more inches of snow.