Development and Planning Services Department

Director of DPS
Michaela Kohlstedt
Director of Development and Planning Services

The Development and Planning Services Department is responsible for assisting landowners and business operators in obtaining building permits, administering the Village’s municipal and zoning codes, overseeing food services, and implementing orderly development in the community.

Location and Hours

2nd Floor, Village Hall, 1225 Cedar Lane
Weekdays, 8:30am-4:30pm

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Finance Department

Iwona Petryszak
Chief Financial Officer
Deputy CFO
Anita Bozic
Deputy Chief Financial Officer

The Finance Department maintains and administers the fiscal operations of the Village.

Location and Hours

1st Floor, Village Hall, 1225 Cedar Lane
Weekdays, 8:30am-4:30pm

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Fire Department

Fire Chief
Andrew Carlson
Fire Chief
Deputy Fire Chief
David Schweihs
Deputy Chief of Operations

The Fire Department provides fire prevention services, emergency medical services, and emergency management services to the Village of Northbrook.

Locations and Hours

Fire Station 10, 650 Huehl Road
Fire Station 11 (Administration), 740 Dundee Road
Fire Station 12, 1840 Shermer Road
Administration Hours: Weekdays, 8am-4pm

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Information Technology Department

IT Director
Lori Baker
Chief Information Officer

The Information Technology Department implements and maintains core technologies, applications, and services in the most efficient and fiscally responsible manner to support and enhance all Village operations. Additionally, the Information Services Department partners with other Village departments to plan for innovative uses of technology solutions, ensure data is centrally managed and secured, to consolidate business functions onto standardized and centralized applications, to provide effective internal and external communication tools, and to enhance and secure network and mobile connectivity and communications. Lastly, the Information Services Department strives to make the Village of Northbrook a leader in resident and business responsiveness and delivery of services through effective data-driven decision-making processes.

Location and Hours

2nd Floor, Village Hall, 1225 Cedar Lane
Weekdays, 8:30am-4:30pm

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Police Department

Police Chief
Christopher Kennedy
Police Chief
Deputy Police Chief Technical
Mark Graf
Deputy Chief of Technical Services 

Deputy Police Chief Operations
Michael Metrick
Deputy Chief of Operations

The Northbrook Police Department is committed to serving those who live, work, and enjoy in our Village through the fair and effective delivery of services.

Location and Hours

Police Station, 1401 Landwehr Road
Administration Hours: Weekdays, 8am-4pm

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Public Works Department

Public Works Director
Kelly Hamill
Director of Public Works
Deputy Director of PW
Matt Morrison
Deputy Director of Public Works
Jack Bielak Headshot
Jack Bielak
Village Engineer  

The Village of Northbrook's Public Works Department is responsible for public services including emergency response services; management of the municipal fleet vehicles, municipal buildings, grounds, and commuter parking lots; operation and maintenance of the Village's water production and distribution infrastructure; management of parkways, including planting and trimming of trees; public streets and sidewalks; sanitary sewer collection/conveyance; storm water collection/conveyance; snow and ice control; and street lighting, signs and traffic controls.

Location and Hours

Public Works Center, 655 Huehl Road
Administration Hours: Weekdays, 7am-3pm

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Village Manager's Office

Village Manager
Cara Pavlicek
Village Manager
Assistant Village Manager
Madeline Farrell
Deputy Village Manager
Director of Admin
Debbie Ford
Director of Administrative Services 

The Village Manager's Office assists the Board of Trustees in the development and formulation of policies, goals and objectives, and keeps them informed of important community issues. Also falling under the Village Manager's Office is the Office of the Village Clerk, Human Resources Division, and Communications Division.

Location and Hours

1st Floor, Village Hall, 1225 Cedar Lane
Weekdays, 8:30am-4:30pm

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